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Terraform for the rest of us

I recently started a new project where we’re using Terraform to specify our infrastructure as code. If you know a programming language (or two) or have used other <X>-as-Code tools, Terraform shouldn’t be a big lift. That having been said, there are a few concepts which I found to be unintuitive and/or under-documented. Hopefully thisContinue reading “Terraform for the rest of us”

Docker (Swarm), TrueNAS, and ZFS

Problem As soon as I got TrueNAS relatively stable and configured, I tried to migrate my Docker services over to the platform as part of my grand plan to re-home the majority of my infrastructure on to my R630. But my containers weren’t networking properly; in particular, they didn’t have external connectivity. Some quick GooglingContinue reading “Docker (Swarm), TrueNAS, and ZFS”


After two years of using my R630 as an expensive paperweight, I finally got around to reconfiguring it for what I hope will be an effective and useful purpose. I did a bunch of work to get here for which I will have to back-date posts — re-flashing the H330 card, new hardware, why IContinue reading “TrueNAS + ZFS”

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