Terraform for the rest of us

I recently started a new project where we’re using Terraform to specify our infrastructure as code. If you know a programming language (or two) or have used other <X>-as-Code tools, Terraform shouldn’t be a big lift. That having been said, there are a few concepts which I found to be unintuitive and/or under-documented. Hopefully thisContinue reading “Terraform for the rest of us”

Docker (Swarm), TrueNAS, and ZFS

Problem As soon as I got TrueNAS relatively stable and configured, I tried to migrate my Docker services over to the platform as part of my grand plan to re-home the majority of my infrastructure on to my R630. But my containers weren’t networking properly; in particular, they didn’t have external connectivity. Some quick GooglingContinue reading “Docker (Swarm), TrueNAS, and ZFS”

Firewall Rules for VLANs, v0.3

tl;dr — don’t forget to allow PTPv2 (319/udp) between your VLANs, especially if you have your Sonos devices separated from your audio sources As the title implies, I’m on at least my third (internal) revision of my firewall rules since having segmented my home network into a number of VLANs. I’ll write another post onContinue reading “Firewall Rules for VLANs, v0.3”